As demonstrated by the over 1500 attendees at our first annual event, we all know that there is something about Jewish food that brings people together.  Along with traditional Jewish eateries, Toronto has witnessed a modern resurgence of Jewish food.  What better way to celebrate both old and new traditions than in a one-day event that features everything people love about Jewish food.  


Sponsors of NoshFest have a unique opportunity to:

  • Create or develop brand awareness through traditional and social media marketing

  • Generate a growing customer base both at the festival and through our online presence

  • Contribute to making NoshFest one of Toronto’s best food festivals


The NoshFest Team is always looking to add unique and creative features to the festival, while being able to offer businesses the opportunity to effectively grow their client base. If you are interested in sponsoring the second annual NoshFest, please contact us to chat about sponsorship opportunities and packages.